The First CISM-IFToMM Symposium on Theory and Practice of Robots and Manipulators was held on Sept. 5-8, 1973,
in Udine, Italy, not long after IFToMM had been founded in 1969. The first ROMANSY, or Ro.Man.Sy., as the Symposium used to be referred to, marks the beginning of a long-lasting partnership between two international institutions, CISM, the Centre International des Sciences Mécaniques and IFToMM, the International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science.

As the 24th Symposium returns to Udine celebrating its 50 years edition, RoManSy 2022 (July 4-7 2022) will continue to preserve this tradition, by encouraging papers that are of a broad interest to the participants and by providing an environment and setting for meaningful technical and personal interactions among the delegates. In particular, the conference solicits papers providing a vision of the evolution of the robotics disciplines and signaling new directions in which these disciplines are foreseen to develop.


Werner Schiehlen (Germany) Honorary Chair
Andres Kecskemethy (Germany) Co-Chair
Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli (Italy) Co-Chair


Philippe Bidaud (France)
Marco Ceccarelli (Italy)
I-Ming Chen (Singapore)
Victor Glazunov (Russia)
Oussama Khatib (USA)
Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli (Italy) CISM Representative
Werner Schiehlen (Germany)
Atsuo Takanishi (Japan)
Yukio Takeda (Japan)
Teresa Zielinska (Poland)


Vigen Arakelyan (France)
Giuseppe Carbone (Italy) IFToMM Representative (Chair)
Greg Chirikjian (Singapore)
Paulo Flores (Portugal)
Manfred Husty (Austria)
Qiang Huang (China)
Yan Jin (United Kingdom)
Andres Kecskemethy (Germany) IFToMM President
Igor Orlov (Russia)
Gentiane Venture (Japan)
Marek Wojtyra (Poland)

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